DPF / Apollinaire

For saltimbanques, from The Poetry of Surrealism, edited by Michael Benedikt.

from Phantom of the Clouds / by Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918) translated by Michael Benedikt

A tiny spirit without the least human burden
Everybody thought
And this music of shapes and forms
Drowned out that of the mechanical organ
Ground out by the man with his face covered with his own ancestors

DPF / Anonymous (Tzeltal, Tenejapa)

For every heart in Tenejapa, from Selected Translations, by WS Merwin.

from Story of the Eaters / by Anyonymous (Tzeltal, Tenejapa) 1971, from a literal translation by Katherine B. Branstetter’s informant Santiago Mendes Zapata

Those who pray and burn candles to God himself
So the eaters won’t eat them.

DPF / Dimitrov

For the JFK roses blooming under the front window, from Poetry, June 2015.

from The Last Luxury, JFK, Jr. / by Alex Dimitrov

Born of the sun, we traveled a short while toward the sun.
Where there were seasons and sky. Where there were monuments.
Like a single engine plane in a July haze.

DPF / Carbo

For superstition, from Poetry Foundation. The rest of the poem may be found here:

from Mal Agueros / by Nick Carbo, b. 1964

If you come to Mojacar
and see a scorpion scurry by your feet,
note the direction it ran to, north, south,
east, or west. You must avoid going there
or risk the sting of losing a loved one.