DPF / Judd

For the day! Happy Birthday, Jen, and Happy Halloween to those of you who celebrate it, from An Eyeball in My Garden, edited by Jennifer Cole Judd and Laura Wynkoop.

from My Date with Mummy / by Jennifer Cole Judd

I’ve burned the scones and muffins,
And brewed my blackest tea.
Everything must be just right
For Mummy’s date with me.

DPF / Wynkoop

For the season, from a book of friends, An Eyeball in My Garden, edited by  Jennifer Cole Judd and Laura Wynkoop.

from Witch’s Shopping List / by Laura Wynkoop

Stinging nettles
Mandrake root
Stomach of a spotted newt
Powdered wolfsbane
Lace-wing flies
Forty spiny spiker eyes
Alder broomstick
Mugwort tea
Berries from a hawthorn tree

DPF / Collins

For speeding through the world, as those athletes did today at the Central California Cross Country Conference #3! Congratulations to my Varsity girl and her #5 place today, which, with points from CCC#1 and CCC#2, earned her a spot on the 2016 Central Valley All-Conference Cross Country Team! From Nine Horses.

from Velocity / by Billy Collins

We must always look at things
from the point of view of eternity,

the college theologians used to insist,
from which, I imagine, we would all
appear to have speed lines trailing behind us
as we rush along the road of the world.

DPF / Goodfellow

For running barefoot to know the time, from the kind friend who wrote the lovely, Mendeleev’s Mandala.

from A Sundial Explains the Uncertainty Principle / by Jessica Goodfellow

In the Dark Ages, serfs scratched sundials
into the bottoms of wooden clogs.
To discern the hour, they went barefoot,
dusty shoes upended to catch the sun.

DPF / McMullen

PIA: from October 14, 2014.

Another for the children of October, from An Eyeball in My Garden, edited by two expert and generous poetry friends, Jennifer Cole Judd and Laura Wynkoop, and illustrated by Johan Olander.

from The Witching Hour / by Angela McMullen

On moonless nights she lies in bed,
With sleepless eyelids twitching.

DPF / Collins

For October birthdays and milestones, from The Art of Drowning, a favorite title. Drowning is an art, like everything else.

from On Turning Ten / by Billy Collins

You tell me it is too early to be looking back,
but that is because you have forgotten
the perfect simplicity of being one
and the beautiful complexity introduced by two.