For more than 1,000 years ago; not as long ago as it seems. #amazonlink to Irish poet Seamus Heaney's Selected Poems 1988-2013: https://amzn.to/3Oyb3xk

from Beowulf / translated from the Old English by Seamus Heaney

No counsellor could ever expect
fair reparation from those rabid hands.
All were endangered; young and old... 

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DPF / Heaney

For my friends at St. Brigid Press, and for a pretty, signed, Faber and Faber Limited first-edition of The Spirit Level, from a time when I could afford such things.

from A Brigid’s Girdle / by Seamus Heaney

Now it’s St. Brigid’s Day and the first snowdrop
in County Wicklow, and this is a Brigid’s Girdle
I’m plaiting for you, an airy fairy hoop
(Like one of those old crinolines they’d trindle),

Twisted straw that’s lifted in a circle
To handsel and to heal, a rite of spring
As strange and lightsome and traditional
As the motions you go through going through the thing.