For the witnesses, and not just for those of the worst moments, but for the whole communities of witnesses: we who all raise every child together. The author translated his own poems from the Polish in collaboration with expert friends: students and poets and peers. #amazonlink to The Collected Poems https://amzn.to/3yFWS3Z

from "Vandeans" / by Czeslaw Milosz 

She was running, basket in hand, along a path near the castle.
Armed men ordered her to leave. 
Because when prisoners are shot, witnesses are unwelcome.

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DPF / Milosz

For things happening all around us which we can sometimes see, and sometimes cannot, but still they happen, from The Collected Poems.

from The Parable of the Poppy / by Czeslaw Milosz

On a poppy seed is a tiny house,
Dogs bark at the poppy-seed moon,
And never, never do those poppy-seed dogs
Imagine that somewhere there is a world much larger.

DPF / Milosz

For rains, reverence, and Visions of Eternity, from Bells in Winter, translated by the author and Lillian Vallee.

from Bells in Winter / by Czeslaw Milosz

What year is this? It’s easy to remember.
This is the year when eucalyptus forests froze in the hills
And everyone could provide himself with free wood for his fireplace
In preparation for the rains and storms from the sea.

DPF / Milosz

For creation, chaos, and unreason, from Bells in Winter, translated by the author and Lillian Vallee.

from Calling to Order / by Czeslaw Milosz

Out of what thin sand
And mud and slime
Out of what dogged splinters
Did you fashion your castle against the test of the sea,
And now it is touched by a wave.