For Marys everywhere. #amazonlink for The Eternal Ones of the Dream: Selected Poems 1990-2010 https://amzn.to/3xYR2sU. 

from "Negative Employee Situation" / by James Tate

The Huntingtons had a live-in maid
by the name of Mary. Mary was very religious
and prayed a good deal of the time. In fact,
as the years went by Mary pretty much ceased
working altogether and prayed all of the time. 
Mrs. Huntington cooked for her and cleaned her 
room as well as the rest of the house. Mr.
Huntington would never rebuke Mary because
he believed her prayers benefited the whole

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DPF / Apollinaire

For saltimbanques, from The Poetry of Surrealism, edited by Michael Benedikt.

from Phantom of the Clouds / by Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918) translated by Michael Benedikt

A tiny spirit without the least human burden
Everybody thought
And this music of shapes and forms
Drowned out that of the mechanical organ
Ground out by the man with his face covered with his own ancestors

DPF / Harvey

And, Robert Pinsky reminds me of Matthea Harvey because of the 2010 Key West Literary Conference which accommodated them both and gracefully held all the tensions from formal to free and everything in between. And, Key West reminds me of poetry and oceans, and oceans of the want bone, and the want bone of Robert Pinsky and Robert Pinsky of Matthea Harvey. Though, of course, each is his/her own beautiful universe in and of him/herself. And, this one is for the musical Ms. Harvey.

from If Scissors Aren’t the Answer, What’s a Doll to Do? / by Matthea Harvey

The dotted lines go everywhere. Up the ceiling and around the chandelier. Down the basement steps and into the lint tray.

DPF / Pizarro Harman

For Leonora Carrington’s painting. And, mothers and daughters.

from Baby Giant / by Michele Pizarro Harman

        For your birth,
                           a river-rush basket
                       lined in fleece,    

            willow walls,
                         and knots of pillows
                            stitched in birds.   

DPF / Tate

Sort of like a GPS, only minutely different.

from Conjuring Roethke / by James Tate

I wish you were here.
The calendar is red,
a candle closes
the room.
If this is the life
we are all leaving
it’s half as bad.
Hello again mad turnip.
Let’s tango together
down to the clear
glad river.