DPF / Avison

For wishing you a Happy New Year’s Eve and a Happy New Year, from DPF and poetryfoundation.org.

from New Year’s Poem / by Margaret Avison

                Gentle and just pleasure
It is, being human, to have won from space
This unchill, habitable interior
Which mirrors quietly the light
Of the snow, and the new year.

DPF / Shockley

For the week, from poetryfoundation.org. The rest of the poem may be found here: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems-and-poets/poems/detail/55670#poem.

from on new year’s eve / by Evie Shockley

       we make midnight a maquette of the year:
frostlight glinting off snow to solemnize
       the vows we offer to ourselves in near
silence: the competition shimmerwise

DPF / Cummings

For a Merry Christmas or a happy whichever holiday you choose, from poetryfoundation.org.

from [little tree] / by e.e. Cummings

little tree 

little silent Christmas tree 

you are so little 

you are more like a flower 
who found you in the green forest 

and were you very sorry to come away? 

see i will comfort you 

because you smell so sweetly 
i will kiss your cool bark 

and hug you safe and tight 

just as your mother would, 

only don’t be afraid