DPF / Jackson

For café con leche, from the Academy of American Poets. The rest of the poem is here:

from Spain, for Mark Strand / by Major Jackson

Yet Guernica is down the street, and some windshields
wear a sinister face, sometimes two. Think Goya.

DPF / Lasky

For Sunday babies, from poetryfoundation.org. My apologies to the line breaks and punctuation, if line breaks and punctuation there are; I have only the audio, and the audio is here:

from The Birth / by Dorothea Lasky, b. 1978

And I say, “No, no, my baby, my baby.” They say,
“Yes, yes, look at your beautiful baby.”

DPF / Nukada

For birds, from The Penguin Book of Women Poets.

from When, loosened from the winter’s bonds / by Princess Nukada (anthology from 650-800) the Nippon Gakujutsu Shinkðkai translation

When, loosened from the winter’s bonds,
      The spring appears,
The birds that were silent
Come out and sing,
The flowers that were prisoned
Come out and bloom;