DPF / Strand

PIA: from June 5, 2016.

For wishes, from poetryfoundation.org.

from The Minister of Culture Gets His Wish / by Mark Strand

The Minister of Culture goes home after a grueling day at the office. He lies on his bed and tries to think of nothing, but nothing happens or, more precisely, does not happen.

DPF / Padgett

For one kind of lesson (from a repeat poem) on the night before all the lessons begin again for the 2016-2017 school year. Class of ’17+, your first day is tomorrow! From How to be Perfect.

from History Lesson / by Ron Padgett
I think that Geoffrey Chaucer did not move

the way a modern person moves.

He moved only an inch at a time, in what

we call stop action. 

DPF / Mark

PIA: from June 29, 2016.

For gratitude for spectacles, from Tsim, Tsum.

from The 10 Stages of Beatrice / by Sabrina Orah Mark

The possibility that she is not alive, in this stage, never enters her mind. This stage is only possible if the spectacle comes to town.