DPF / Howe

Errata: a few edits in today’s: For planets, like the ones we research with our fifth grader every weekend, from poetryfoundation.org. Did I say, “every weekend”? I meant every weekend.

from Three Persons / by Fanny Howe

Their winter systems
sparkle like the diamonds
that pelt Neptune.

DPF / Goodfellow

For beautiful comma beautiful punctuation comma from a new and lovely book comma Mendeleev’s Mandala. Thank you, Jessica!

from The Function of the Comma is to Separate / by Jessica Goodfellow

For instance: the clock in this room is loud comma relentless comma repetitive comma annoying

DPF / Ruefle

For the beautiful stuff that fell from the sky this past week, from Cold Pluto.

from Rain Effect / by Mary Ruefle, b. 1952

shining like satin on the black street,
on the tips of patent leather shoes, Hokusai’s
father who polished mirrors for a living, Hokusai’s
father watching the sky for clouds, Hokusai’s father’s son
drawing rain over a bridge and over the people crossing
the bridge

DPF / Mark

For love, acceptance, obsessions, and what to take to forever, from West Branch Wired. The whole grand unbelievable believableness of it is here:

from If You Need Me, MOTHER is the Poem Where I’ll Be / by Sabrina Orah Mark

I ask my MOTHER what useless thing she would take with her if she was to go away forever. She wants to know, what do I mean by “useless?” “Like a photograph?” she asks. And then she begins to worry: “What about the necessary things will they have the necessary things where I’m going?” “Forget it,” I say. “This is all too much,” she says. “Plus I think the stock market is crashing.”