DPF / Collins

For something to make anyone smile, from The Trouble with Poetry.

from The Introduction / by Billy Collins

Wagga Wagga is in New South Wales.
Rhyolite is that soft volcanic rock.
What else?
Yes, meranti is a type of timber, in tropical Asia I think,
and Rahway is just Rahway, New Jersey.

The rest of the poem should be clear.
I’ll just read it and let it speak for itself.

DPF / Salter

For home, from poetryfoundation.org.

from Home Movies: A Sort of Ode / by Mary Jo Salter


she’s happy, teaching us to dye
the Easter eggs in it, a Grecian
urn of sorts near which—a foster
child of silence and slow time
myself—I smile because she does
and patiently await my turn.

DPF / Bishop

For one of the wonderful poetry aunts, from The Complete Poems.

from At the Fishhouses / by Elizabeth Bishop

If you should dip your hand in,
your wrist would ache immediately,
your bones would begin to ache and your hand would burn
as if the water were a transmutation of fire
that feeds on stones and burns with a dark gray flame.