DPF / Mark

PIA: from June 29, 2016.

For gratitude for spectacles, from Tsim, Tsum.

from The 10 Stages of Beatrice / by Sabrina Orah Mark

The possibility that she is not alive, in this stage, never enters her mind. This stage is only possible if the spectacle comes to town.

DPF / Bly

PIA: from July 25, 2014.

For the crows. This one’s from Contemporary American Poetry, ed. by Donald Hall (1962). A bio here:

from Where We Must Look for Help / by Robert Bly b. 1926

On the third day the crow shall fly;
The crow, the crow, the spider-coloured crow

DPF / Crane

PIA: from July 9, 2014.

For elegies. This one’s from Chief Modern Poets of Britain and America, Fifth Edition, ed. by Sanders, Nelson and Rosenthal. A fellow Ohioan.

from Royal Palm / by Hart Crane (1899-1932)

Green rustlings, more than regal charities
Drift coolly from that tower of whispered light.

DPF / Fourtouni

PIA: from July 10, 2014.

Another for dreams. This one’s from Love Poems by Women, ed. by Wendy Mulford (1990).

from In a Dream / by Eleni Fourtouni, trans. by Eleni Fourtouni

no, you were not putting seeds in the soft earth
no, you were not pruning the vines
no, you were not taking in the smells and the visions