For something other than darkness. #amazonlink to The Best American Poetry 1997 / Editor: James Tate; Series Editor: David Lehman https://amzn.to/3NSgs1g

from "Interrupted Meditation" / by Robert Hass 

I'm a little ashamed that I want to end this poem
singing, but I want to end this poem singing --

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DPF / Hong

For some palaces are built of words, from The Best American Poetry, 2013, guest edited by Denise Duhamel. Series editor, David Lehman. A little traveling talisman to hover over my flight into a rainy town today.

from A Parable / by Anna Maria Hong

        For our wages,

we were pinned with corsages dense with
glossy leaves, which became permanent

DPF / Ruefle

From The Best America Poetry, 2013: Editor, David Lehman, Guest Editor, Denise Duhamel (my erratum from Duhamel’s 2/15/14 post: guest editor The Best American Poetry, 2013, of course, since there is no “best of” for 2014 yet, since 2014 has barely begun). Love her A Little White Shadow erasures, too.

from Little Golf Pencil / by Mary Ruefle

                     …I told them that in the beginning you understand the world but not yourself, and when you finally understand yourself you no longer understand the world. They seemed satisfied with that.