DPF / Seuss

For a favorite book of prose by a poet about the power of apology on the last day of National Poetry Month, from Bartholmew and the Oobleck.

from Bartholomew and the Ooblek / by Dr. Seuss

‘Oh, Bartholomew, I’m awfully, awfully sorry!’
And, the moment the King spoke those words, something happened…

DPF / Strait

For there are many different ways to celebrate prom night, and one way is by taking athletes to run races dear to their hearts, and one way is by actually having a prom night; our school is doing both tonight, from Poetry.

from Another Moon / by Zack Strait

Mama said
it only existed in storybooks

with its soft surface
of  bluebells

but there it was
spinning so close to the earth

that it bent
every weather vane in Omaha

it was prom night

DPF / Collins

For no longer needing to follow one’s horoscope, if one does, when the days have passed for doing so, from horoscopes for the dead. 
from Horoscopes for the Dead / by Billy Collins
But you will be relieved to learn 

that you no longer need to reflect carefully before acting, 

nor do you have to think more of others, 

and never again will creative work take a back seat 

to the business responsibilities that you never really had.

DPF / Ovid

For creation, whatever the result, from Metamorphosis.

from Metamorphosis: Daedalus and Icarus / by Ovid, Publius Ovidius Naso, translated by Charles Martin

these were bound
together in the middle with flaxen thread
and then joined at the quills with molded wax;
and, finally, he bent them just a bit,
so they resembled bird’s wings.