DPF / Vicinelli

For bonny-baby eyelashes, from Love Poems by Women, edited by Wendy Mulford.

from Jade, or the Medea Within Us / by Patrizia Vicinelli, translated by Franco Beltramettii and Tom Raworth

How did you want to live? Your temple within a poisonous crystal
oasis, how brave we are to give time all its security.
In her passion she smiles red       the banner comes to an end and

DPF / Tomasa Rivera

For simple things, from Mouth to Mouth: Poems by Twelve Contemporary Mexican Women, edited by Forrest Gander.

from Untitlted / by Silvia Tomasa Rivera (b. El Higo, Veracruz, 3.7.1956), translated by Janet Rodney

It’s something much simpler,
like opening a window and touching that luminous spot
          bursting in the cup of your hands.