DPF / Zucker

For fear and motherhood and poetry, from the pedestrians, and a thank you to Ms. Mark for this book.

from please alice notley tell me how to be old / by Rachel Zucker

& the sharp fear I feel
when my son does not call when he said he would
–how can any mother write an epic when — my
fear receding behind his small-voiced apology (a
little nodule in my right breast) safe — when I’m
so terribly interruptible

DPF / Öijer

For trying to reach back through the years to parent your own younger self, from The Star by My Head: Poets from Sweden, edited and translated by Malena Mörling and Jonas Ellerström.

from Hold Him There / by Bruno K. Öijer

I had phoned my childhood
listened to the dial tone that went through
and when my mom answered
I asked to speak to myself

DPF / Ryan

For these best clouds ever, which we rarely see here, from poetryfoundation.org. And, this one’s for the magical Kay Ryan, who I met in Lancaster, California, when she read at her community college alma mater, and later in Key West, when she read and spoke and paneled at the 2010 Key West Literary Seminar.

from Cloud / by Kay Ryan

From inside the
forest it seems
like an interior
matter, something
wholly to do
with trees


DPF / Chakraborty

For caves at the bottom of lakes and grief as large as mountains, from Poetry, April 2017.

from Dear, Beloved / by Sumita Chakraborty

It would be winter, with a thin snow. An aged sunbeam
would fall on me, then on a nearby summit, until a mass
of ice would come upon me like a crown of master diamonds
in shades of gold and pink.

DPF / Cairns

For though we love our Central Valley rains, we were very thankful for the gentleness of this particular storm, from poetryfoundation.org.

from First Storm and Thereafter / by Scott Cairns

What I notice first within 

          this rough scene fixed

in memory is the rare 

          quality of its lightning, as if

DPF / Marvell

For mind and imagination, from the imaginative mind of one of my teachers at UF, Dr. Justice, from Compendium: A Collection of Thoughts on Prosody, by Donald Justice, edited by David Koehn & Alan Soldofsky.

from The Garden / by Andrew Marvell

Yet it creates, transcending these,
Far other worlds, and other seas;
Annihilating all that’s made
To a green thought in a green shade.