DPF / Bishop

For somehow, it’s a Bishop kind of day, the kind of day when seals carry hymns to the ocean floor, from The Collected Poems. 

from At the Fishhouses / by Elizabeth Bishop

Cold dark deep and absolutely clear,
element bearable to no mortal,
to fish and to seals . . . One seal particularly
I have seen here evening after evening.
He was curious about me. He was interested in music;
like me a believer in total immersion,
so I used to sing him Baptist hymns.

DPF / Öijer

For a belated day and what we would say to our younger selves if we could, from The Star By My Head. 

from Hold Him There / by Bruno K. Öijer, translated by Malena Mörling and Jonas Ellerström

without thinking
I had phoned my childhood
listened to the dial tone that went through
and when my mom answered
I asked to speak to myself
after a long while
a seven year old boy took the receiver
and his voice pierced my heart