DPF / Schechter

Erratum, and here is the correct spelling: Robert Schechter. Apologies to the poet! And, now you can find him, with the correct spelling of his name.

For poetry garage friends, from Villanelles, edited by Annie Finch, and Marie-Elizabeth Mali.

The Crossing, After Theodore Roethke / by Robert Schechter

This running makes me nervous. I should know.
What roasts my skin is always. And is near.

DPF / Carlile

For birds and snow, from Bright Wings, An Illustrated Anthology of Poems About Birds, edited by Billy Collins, with paintings by David Allen Sibley. More about the author here: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/bio/henry-carlile#poet

from The Cardinal / by Henry Carlile b. 1934

He shocks us when he flies
like a red verb over the snow.

DPF / Reeves

For rivers, from The Best American Poetry, 2014, guest edited by Terrance Hayes. Series editor: David Lehman.

from The Field Museum / by Roger Reeves (originally published in The Cincinnati Review)

Quetzal, starthroat, nightjar, grebe, and artic loon:
This ash for my daughter’s tongue, I give without
Sackcloth or sugar

DPF / Skolfield

For divining rods and rain, from Thrush Poetry Journal, an anthology of the first two years, edited by Helen Vitoria and designed by Walter Bjorkman.

from How to Locate Water on a Deserted Island / by Karen Skolfield

Darling, these are the palm trees
we’ve endlessly discussed