DPF / Tufariello

For Day 30, the the last day of National Poetry Month, 2016, from a sweet friend and her book, Keeping My Name.

from Chemist’s Daughter / by Catherine Tufariello

        a Milky Way
was whirling on the tip of my fingernail,
ten thousand planets dancing on its pale
half moon

DPF / Akhmatova

For Day 28, my birthday day ten months away, from The Complete Poems of Anna Akhmatova.

from At the Edge of the Sea / by Anna Akhmatova (1889–1966)
Bays cut into the low-lying shore,
all the sails were fleeing out to sea,
And I was drying my salty braid
On a flat rock a mile from land.

DPF / Carver

For Day 24 of National Poetry Month and for trout and still waters and writers of fiction who also believe in poetry, from today’s Knopf Poem A Day.

from Poem for Hemingway & W. C. Williams / by Raymond Carver

the other,
          medical man,
he knows the chances
          of that.
he thinks it fine
          that they should
simply hang there
in the clear water.