DPF / O’Sullivan

For telephones of the “old-fashioned” kind, the kind with the coiled cord, from Poetry 180, edited by Billy Collins.

The Cord / by Leanne O’Sullivan

And these were the elements of my Mother,
the earthed wire, the burning cable,
as if she flowed into the room with
me to somehow say, Stay where I can reach you.

DPF / Moore

More on silence. Or, “Moore” on silence. No Marianne Moore yet?! Fathers and daughters: here’s a quote from her father, below. More/Moore here:

from Silence / by Marianne Moore b. 1887

“The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence;
not in silence, but restraint.”

DPF / Pizarro Harman

For Leonora Carrington’s painting. And, mothers and daughters.

from Baby Giant / by Michele Pizarro Harman

        For your birth,
                           a river-rush basket
                       lined in fleece,    

            willow walls,
                         and knots of pillows
                            stitched in birds.   

DPF / Kumin

Mothers and daughters. Thank you for all you leave behind for us.  Today, visiting with Mother? And, Anne, who always needed you.

from Where I Live / by Maxine Kumin


landlocked seas I swim in.
I used to pick bouquets

for her, framed them
with leaves. Schmutzige

she said, holding me close
to scrub my streaky face.