For children and snow and Li Shan Chong and Lily Janes everywhere, from a magical poet. #amazon link to Wild Milk https://amzn.to/3ukJKPj

from "Spells" / by Sabrina Orah Mark

This is what I remember most about my sons: they were always thirsty, and they were wildest at dusk, and they were always kind. Their eyes were soft and white like snowy windowsills. 

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DPF / Mark

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

from The Disasters / by Sabrina Orah Mark

“What are you doing in there, my little shipwreck?” “Commodifying my disasters,” said Beatrice. “That’s nice,” said Walter B. “Will you need some batteries?” “No,” said Beatrice. “Better save the batteries for the children.”