DPF / O’Hara

For this random-play week, here’s one from Poem A Day ed. by Laurie Sheck, Vol. 2. A music major at Harvard, Frank O’Hara wrote this elegy for Billie Holiday.

from The Day Lady Died / by Frank O’Hara (1926-1966)

It is 12:20 in New York a Friday
three days after Bastille day, yes
it is 1959

DPF / McHugh

Silence for this week. Love this one. More here:

from What He Thought / by Heather McHugh

“What’s poetry?
Is it the fruits and vegetables
and marketplace at Campo dei Fiori

or the statue there?”

DPF / Salter

And, another American poet, a woman, and a woman writing in the 1980’s. Harvard, Cambridge, The Norton Anthology of Poetry, Atlantic Monthly, New Republic, Japan and a smile as enigmatic as Ms. Sarandon’s. As well, this one’s thematically linked to the previous one.

from Home Movies: A Sort of Ode / by Mary Jo Salter

What happened between him and her
is another story. And just as well
we have no movie of it

DPF / Ciardi

Am bird obsessed. So, this one is from Bright Wings: An Illustrated Anthology of Poems About Birds, ed. by Billy Collins, with paintings by David Allen Sibley. More information on Collins and Ciardi at www.poets.org.

from Bird Watching / by John Ciardi

A bird is a bird as long as it is
there. Then it is a miracle our crumbs and
sunflower seeds caught and let go.