DPF / Tennyson

And, nightmares remind me of mirrors and mirrors of Tennyson and Tennyson of the (fatal yet) essential moment in which she turns and looks directly at the world.

from The Lady of Shalott / by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

With a steady stony glance—
Like some bold seer in a trance,
Beholding all his own mischance,
Mute, with a glassy countenance —
      She look’d down to Camelot.

DPF / Lincoln

For President’s Day, from his book, The Poems of Abraham Lincoln.

from My Childhood Home I See Again / by Abraham Lincoln

My childhood home I see again,
        And sadden with the view;
And still, as memory crowds my brain,
        There’s pleasure in it too.

DPF / Schnackenberg

From her signature poem. And, fathers and daughters.

from Supernatural Love / by Gjertrud Schnackenberg

                        My father puzzles why
It is my habit to identify
Carnations as “Christ’s flowers,” knowing I

Can give no explanation but “Because.”

DPF / Greger

Brothers and sisters. And, snow.

from Wind Wrapped in Snow / by Debora Greger

    Snowflake, you’re out
with no coat. Listen. Stand still.
    No one is calling
across a world half-buried in snow,
     Come back, you hear me,
Come back this instant, you forgot