DPF / Strand

For mystery, from a favorite by Mark Strand. This full version was found at npr:
the mysterious-arrival-of-an-unusual-letter
and at The Storialist blog:

from The Mysterious Arrival of an Unusual Letter / by Mark Strand

It had been a long day at the office and a long ride back to the small apartment where I lived. When I got there I flicked on the light and saw on the table an envelope with my name on it. Where was the clock? Where was the calendar?

DPF / Strand

So sad to see that Mark Strand died yesterday. Thankful he lived through this last Thanksgiving. Love this one from his book, The Weather of Words. Here’s a small part of it.

from Narrative Poetry / by Mark Strand

I wanted to remind them that the narrative poem takes the place of an absent narrative and is always absorbing the other’s absence so it can be named, and, at the same time, relinquishing its own presence to the awful solitudes of forgetfulness.