DPF / Oliver

And, angels remind me of Ohio and rain.

from Rain in Ohio / by Mary Oliver

while the thunderheads whirl up
out of the white west

their dark hooves nicking
the tall trees as they come

DPF / Derieva

And, God reminds me of angels. Found this one in the current APR, Jan/Feb 2014, Vol 43/No1.

from False Shame / by Regina Derieva trans. by Frederick Smock

The angels do not have
human conventions:
they knock on a door
while it is open;
they knock on a heart
while it is open

DPF / Harvey

And, Robert Pinsky reminds me of Matthea Harvey because of the 2010 Key West Literary Conference which accommodated them both and gracefully held all the tensions from formal to free and everything in between. And, Key West reminds me of poetry and oceans, and oceans of the want bone, and the want bone of Robert Pinsky and Robert Pinsky of Matthea Harvey. Though, of course, each is his/her own beautiful universe in and of him/herself. And, this one is for the musical Ms. Harvey.

from If Scissors Aren’t the Answer, What’s a Doll to Do? / by Matthea Harvey

The dotted lines go everywhere. Up the ceiling and around the chandelier. Down the basement steps and into the lint tray.

DPF / Pinsky

One for Dr. Pinsky. I remember this one from undergrad or graduate school.

from The Want Bone / by Robert Pinsky

The beach scrubbed and etched and pickled it clean.
But O I love you it sings, my little my country
My food my parent my child I want you my own
My flower my fin my life my lightness my O.